Project 365: Back to normal

March 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This week was back to normal, no more special weeks for my kids/fur kids.  Back to finding special moments in my day to capture.  I've found that not only has this project given me opportunity to improve my photography but it's also changed my outlook with finding positive moments to capture each day.

Sunday - I had purchased these lovely tulips the previous week.  They looked pretty in my kitchen window light.

Monday - I typically always have sourdough starter on hand.  I made a new recipe which will be my new "go to" bread recipe.  My husband had found this old potholder over the weekend.  My grandmother had made it many years ago.  Great pop of color.

Tuesday - Finally we had some good days to get the sap flowing in our maple trees!

Wednesday - I have been wanting to capture the gaze between my daughter and our youngest Airedale for weeks.  Before school they were spending time together and I had to quickly grab my camera.

Thursday - It was a very foggy day.  I had to deliver some images a couple towns away at dusk and I knew this bridge was nearby.  I used a very slow shutter to capture the lighting like this.

Friday - I had to work in Boston this day and was uninspired in the 20 minute break I took outside.  On the way home I stopped at a cemetery with a lovely old stone bridge and tried doing some shots of my reflection.  It was gray and dreary, definitely need to try this again when it's brighter out.

Saturday - We stopped at the MSPCA while out running errands and spent some time in the barn.  This horse drew me in, she's old, she's thin and I couldn't help but stop and watch her for a while.



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