Project 365: "Daughter week"

March 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Well, last week was "dog week" so we decided each child would also get their week.  And to improve my odds (and their moods) their week includes special things like choosing a family activity, me cooking their special meal and dinner out to their favorite restaurant.  The week is all about them and capturing their favorite things.

The week started out at the Mass Audubon Ipswich Wildlife Sanctuary for their maple tours.  My kids love doing tours and my daughter loves the wildlife sanctuary as if you bring some seed, the chickadees and if you're lucky a titmouse will land on your hand!  This first photo is of her patiently waiting for everyone to get their maple sample for us to all to do a toast.

My daughter also is a bit of a hoarder - she won't admit it though - of stuffed animals.  We do have a purge rule now (everyone one coming in, one goes) but she has a LOT.  We pulled them all together and loaded up her bed.  She looks so cute in the middle of the colorful display!

She is also a huge Minecraft fan.  She and her brother love to play together, they're so creative with what they've built.  They've tried to teach me and it hasn't gone well.  I have her pictured in b&w in a pretty light stream in Zack's room while they're playing together.

My daughter also had her first band concert this week, she's pictured in the 2nd row playing the flute.  She also takes piano and drum set lessons, she's so musical!  Snare wasn't her thing so I am teaching her the flute for now and she's doing great.

She also loves horses and takes riding lessons.  She's pictured here on her pony doing her 2 point.

Friday I asked my daughter what else she'd like me to capture this week and she said her rock collection.  She loves rocks!  She loves to go to museums and even has a rock identification board game.

Lastly, we didn't get to do a trip we planned due to a rainy day so we ended her week by tracing her on paper (we couldn't believe how tall she really is!), coloring her with her favorite outfit completely with horse print leggings and she wrote a "concrete" poem around the whole thing with her favorite things.  She's so proud of it and it's now hanging in her room.

Up next...... my son's week!


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