Project 365: April Break

April 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A bit behind this week but only because we were able to get away to Lake Champlain/St. Albans for a few days, the kids had off all week for April Vacation.  It was chilly but as my son said - it's better to be freezing in VT than warm at home (even though home wasn't so warm either :) ).

Sunday - The day sort of got away from me.  At the end of the day, the kids wanted to play tennis, it was getting dark but it was warm out so we went and the sky was gorgeous!  Can't see much of the kids in this photo but it was amazing to sit back and watch the kids play with that amazing backdrop.

Monday - Can you believe NEITHER of my kids realized what Patriots Day is and why it's the start of April Vacation?  My son had an appointment in Lexington so we took a short detour to visit the Battle Green at Lexington Common.  It's the location of the first shots fired in the American Revolutionary War.  This is new information for us - it's also one of 8 locations in the country where the American Flag is permitted to fly 24x7.  Other locations may, but it must follow proper lighting protocol.

Tuesday - We changed our foundation borders and had grass planted where spring bulbs once sprouted.  This lone flower was left and caught my eye.

Wednesday - No inspiration, I took a walk outside and nothing.  Coming back into the house I saw my reflection in the door.  And then in editing I wanted to do something a little different.  If you enlarge, look closely, I put my reflection inside the camera lens area as well so it's a reflection of a reflection of sorts.

Thursday - Ahhhhh, VT.  We LOVE VT!  This farm property was on the way to our house on Lake Champlain in St. Albans.  This tiny little hut was in the middle of the fields and we all kept guessing what it was used for, it really drew us in.

Friday - My handsome boy, Sherlock!  It was super windy which helped with that cute ear "wave".

Saturday - The property owner lent me his 400mm lens to play with.  I got some eagle shots on Thursday, but they weren't very grand due to me not bringing a zoom lens.  No eagles on Saturday although we all tried to find them!  I practice a lot with some gulls, herons and these geese.  The mountains were gorgeous along this point, always having this purplish gray color, the scenery isn't enhanced at all, this is nature's raw beauty.


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