Project 365: Day 100!

April 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

My project 365 group hit triple digits this week!  I am so proud of the women in our group and proud that I have been able to capture and post a picture for every day so far.  Some days (most days) are hard to find time and inspiration - I work, the weather has been rough, people have been sick - but that has forced me to work even harder to find something, anything, to capture - something that will help to make this year special and memorable.  That has been a goal of mine - every photo needs to have special meaning to ME.  Something about OUR lives.    

Thank you to everyone who has followed me on this journey so far!  

So for this week - 

  • Sunday: My daughter looked pretty framed by our front porch checking the loot in her eggs.
  • Monday: It was (sort of) warm out so my son and I hit the tennis courts at the high school.  I loved the sun burst over the school.
  • Tuesday: My Easter lily finally started to open.
  • Wednesday: Special dog tags came for the pups.  Sherlock's is self explanatory.  Eden's namesake is Lake Eden in VT, where we rent the same lake house each summer.  She was born about 45 minutes from there.
  • Thursday: Eden never shows her tummy.  She was in the mood so I put her in a "stay", went to get my camera, fiddled with it, and she gave me this "will you just hurry up and be done already" look.
  • Friday: Day 100!!! poor weather AGAIN, so I went along with it.
  • Saturday: A nice day finally!  The boys went canoeing/fishing while the girls hiked with the pups.

Have a great week!


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