Project 365: One Boston

April 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

What resonated with me most this week was being in Boston for what Mayor Walsh named "One Boston Day" - a day for people to perform acts of kindness towards others on this 2 year anniversary of the bombing.  After an event at the State House I walked over to the marathon finish line.  The memorial brought tears to my eyes, but what I chose to share from this day was a photo from Old South Church's resiliency project.  They had a couple large posters stating "Resiliency is...." and invited people to write what it meant to them.  I stood, watched and read comments for a while, it was a very touching way to remember the day.

As for the other days this week:

Sunday - We spent time with my kids' nanny from years back who now has children of her own.  My son loves spending time with them and I caught a special moment in an archway of a local "castle".

Monday - Prepping sugar cookies for a New England airedale gathering tomorrow.  Froze them for when I had more time to be creative. :)

Tuesday - Finally!  Crocus blooms in the yard!

Wednesday - Resiliency project by Old South Church.  I love the "T" sign in the background.

Thursday - "Cheated" and used a photo from Wednesday.  I walked to the ducklings in Public Garden to see if they would be donning a wardrobe.  Sure enough, Momma Duck had the whole familyi in their spring bonnets.

Friday - After work I decided to decorate the airedale cookies, I think they turned out pretty well!

Saturday - Went to a wine tasting with a dear friend and these caught my eye.  Our local liquor store had a remodel and now has a high focus on craft beers.  I have always loved looking at the labels, they're so creative.

Have a great week!


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