Project 365: Spring is here!

April 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I think we can finally say we have spring in New England this week!  Perfect timing for the easter prep too!  We took advantage of the good weather and had a few fun outings.

Sunday: We visited the MIT Museum which is a hidden gem in Cambridge.  Afterwards we grabbed a snack at Flour and walked to the Charles.  I knew I wanted to take a photo of the skyline, I did quite a few and then realized the iron fencing would make a great frame of the Pru.

Monday: Feeling like spring, I had bought some hydrangeas.  Hydrangeas always make me reflect on the Easter season.

Tuesday: I have these doggie bunny ears and knew I could entice Eden to pose for me.  Borrowed my daughter's bunny to complete the image.

Wednesday: Lots of April Fool's pranks in our house this day, but the best one of all was a surprise trip into Boston.  Not until we parked and walked outside did the kids realize what we might be there for - the Big Apple Circus!

Thursday: Sherlock's turn for a photo shoot.  He's only 10 months and not as cooperative.  I took a lot of great portraits of him with this basket (the ears wouldn't have stayed on), but after we were done and before I had a chance to clean up the basket and eggs, he just sort of crashed next to everything.  That's where I got this cute paw shot as if he fell asleep waiting for the bunny or is in a chocolate coma.

Friday: Road trip to Rhode Island for the day for the zoo and the beach.  I loved this old pair of kangaroos - they're 19 years old, the grandma and grandpa of the bunch.  

Saturday: Finally got to decorate our eggs this afternoon. 

Have a great Easter and a great week!



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