Project 365: Double header

August 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

End of summer and I got a little backed up so here's to posting 2 back to back weeks for my 365 project!

For 2 weeks ago, I got a new toy midweek - a pinhole lens.  Pinhole photography is a very early form and consists of a very small hole for which you need to have extended shutter speeds.  There's no opportunity to set focal points.  I was able to play a little bit towards the end of the week.

  • Sunday: Wolf Hollow in Ipswich.  Such an amazing story of these animals.
  • Monday: Massachusetts Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary in Ipswich.  The chickadees will come on your hand to feed off sunflower seeds.
  • Tuesday: Hubby picked me up a present - isn't my photographer wine bottle holder cool?  Just need to add some curly hair to it. 
  • Wednesday: Always wanted to try some ice cube/water photography.
  • Thursday: Sunflowers at dusk.
  • Friday: Trustees of Massachusetts property in North Andover.  Had about 5 minutes to play with my new pinhole lens on the way back from getting take out :).
  • Saturday: Pinhole photography at Public Garden in Boston.  This is the George Washington statue.

This past week has a little bit of everything.

  • Sunday: Boston Harbor by the aquarium.
  • Monday: My son posing in a $25 Target find.  I substituted his badminton racquet for a real saber at his request :).
  • Tuesday: I've been wanting to photograph my grandmother's engagement ring with a German bible that I got when she passed away.  I love the 2 halos of hearts formed by the lighting.
  • Wednesday: Peach picking.
  • Thursday: The human kids left the Twister game and someone still wanted to play!
  • Friday: Iphone photo of a deer at York Wild Animal Kingdom.  
  • Saturday: Sunrise at Long Beach in Gloucester, MA.  I love the reflection of the sky in this shallow tidal pool.


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