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April 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

April has come to a close - what amazing weather we have had here in New England!  Still, we were able to get away for the kids' spring break to Mexico.  The trip was amazing and we'd definitely put it on our list for a return trip some day.  You can check out some of my iphone photos here.  I also used our time here to catch up on a few weeks of the project 52 challenge.

The prompts this month were:

  • Spring - I went with the "spring break" theme.  After last winter, we vowed we wouldn't be here.  So much snow!  So this week I used a sunrise photo I did on the coast of Cancun.
  • Emotion - I chose "joy".  This is my daughter having an awesome time wave jumping.
  • Humor - This was a hard one.  I waited and waited for inspiration for this one.  I ended up photographing our 2.5 year old Airedale at a local park.  I hadn't done a portrait of her in some time and if anyone knows the breed, you know that they're clowns.  And clowns = humor!
  • Flower - Tulip.  I felt this top down, almost symmetrical composure needed the square crop and thought it converted nicely.  I like the stark contrast.


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