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Last year I posted a fun way to get a lot of images up on the wall in a small space using 5x5 square prints.  Here's another little project I recently completed that I wanted to share.

We live in a national historic district house (aka lots of doorways from french doors, low light and wall space is sometimes at a premium).  This little space between the main doorway into the kitchen has been an unused space that I've had my eye on but it's not a lot of real estate.  

I recently thought it would be fun to showcase my 4 kids here - both my human kids and my "fur kids".  To give it some visual interest I used both horizontal and vertical images. I also wanted to give them a little "pop!" so I printed them on metal which gives a bit more contrast and color and with it being in the kitchen makes it very easy for cleaning/less places for dust etc to settle.  I also went wide - instead of a standard size I went wider to custom 8"x12" dimension which fit the space better and worked well with the images I chose.

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