Stephanie Clement Photography | Project 365: Urban photography and musical sort of week

Project 365: Urban photography and musical sort of week

June 01, 2015

The past 2 Saturdays I have been able to take an "urban photography" class in a nearby old mill town with a couple fell photographer friends.  It's been lots of fun and it has really forced me to notice.  Notice perspectives, notice details.  And even more difficult - the photography for the most part didn't involve people.

Sunday - The American Flag flying in Lawrence, MA and taken during my class.  The sun was right behind the blue and I thought it produced a cool effect.

Monday - My son does a lot of experimenting.  This time it involved concentrating hydrogen peroxide on my stove.  

Tuesday - Final elementary band concert of the year.  Instead of doing yet another typical photo, I played with a magnifying glass effect.  

Wednesday - The kids were playing tag with a scooter and a bubble gun, how fun is that?

Thursday - I went to a favorite spot and these poppies were so gorgeous!

Friday - My son bought himself a new instrument, an electric bass.

Saturday - Back to my final day of urban photography.  I was drawn to this fern which was able to take hold in this old brick wall.

Have a great week!

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