Types of Sessions

Outdoor/On Location

For these types of sessions we'll meet at a park, the beach or an urban location.  These can be places meaningful to you and your family or ones of my choosing.  We are lucky to have a wide variety available to us in the Massachusetts area!  We'll take some portraits and then as time allows lifestyle/"in the moment" shots.  Those are my favorites - finding a lady bug, smelling the flowers, laying in the grass, siblings interacting in nature.  I love incorporating your pets, so please bring them!  I also enjoy incorporating props - I've been known to make "hot air balloons" out of baskets, using an heirloom rocking horse or even a special family quilt.

Home Based

These are very fun and are often easiest for those with toddlers as they're in their own element.  We can use your natural window light and yard outdoors for portraits and/or lifestyle photography.  This is also a way to preserve special memories of your special traditions and routines - reading books in a special chair, cooking in the kitchen, playing the yard, interacting with the pets.  

What to Expect When You Schedule a Session

No need to stress about your session - I try to make the planning and execution of your session smooth and easy! 

After our initial contact, we will discuss the type of session you are interested in.  Once we have that finalized, I will send you both a deposit invoice and my contract to review and sign.  Once I have those, we get to move onto the fun part - planning out the details!

You'll receive from me a confirmation of your day/time and a consultation form - nothing too heavy, just helps me to get to know you and your family.  We'll use that information to decide upon a setting and pull together a style guide for the best session to fit YOU.  You can even send me photos of outfits, any heirlooms or special items you may want to have incorporated.  I'm always a phone call or email away with any questions before your session, no question is too small!

We will meet at our location and if you have any "must have" moments to capture we will try to work through those first, understanding sometimes if little ones are involved, they may have a different agenda :).  I connect with the children, trying to make them at ease using humor, talking about nature, whatever interests them (this is one of those areas that the questionnaire helps).  If everyone is ready, we'll work on some portraits and then move into lifestyle moments.

Later that day, I will post a "sneak peak" of your session to my Facebook business page.  Within 7 - 10 business days, I will complete your retouches and editing  and will reach out to schedule your in person ordering session.  You've invested in this session, I will help you to ensure you put those images to use.  We can discuss prints, albums, collages, wall art, digital files, however you would like to utilize those images for yourselves and as gifts.  I'm able to custom design these items so they're personalized for you.  My time with you doesn't end there - you will have access to a private online gallery of your images for a minimum of one month in the event you want to take some time.  Also, any time you can always reach out.