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Project 365: Hubby Away

May 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A quiet week this week in terms of having time to do some extra "me time" things.  I admit I'm spoiled having my hubby work in the same town we live and schedule activities and appointments accordingly as he's a huge help.  So when he's out of town, it gets a bit crazy!  But we did manage to get a few fun things in.

Sunday - A friend moved to Cape Cod a few years ago and had an open offer to come down for a photography day.  She was a lovely host and we saw so much!  This is a shot of 3 clammers on their way back in with their haul.

Monday - Only 2 of oodles of tulip bulbs planted maybe 5 years back still bloom.  These are them!

Tuesday - May the Fourth be with you.  My son was up for some nighttime photography for Star Wars Day.

Wednesday - My daughter on her after lesson trail ride.

Thursday - My son and husband went out of town for the weekend, returning Mother's Day afternoon, so my son gave me a present early.  He picked this out himself.  It says "I love you to the moon and back".

Friday - Girls weekend!  We hung out at the movies Friday afternoon to see Disney's Monkey Kingdom.  She loves the DisneyNature movies so it was two thumbs up!

Saturday - We also went plant shopping so had some work to do getting these plants installed.

Have a great week!



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