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Sweet Twin Boys | An Abbreviated Newborn Session | Andover Photographer

May 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I was so happy when J and J's mom reached out for me to do their newborn session!  Mom wanted a few awesome images for her baby announcement - she had tried on her own, and quickly realized she needed some help and needed it quickly.  

We designed an abbreviated session targeting exactly what they were looking for.  Newborn sessions typically take up to 2 hours, even longer with twins, with most of the time spent feeding, changing and soothing :).  But with a target in mind, we focus on that target and then anything else in the hour was icing on the cake!  I'm so glad I was able to help them out.  Such a sweet mom and dad and sweet twin boys.  

Mom had two outfits and backdrops in mind - more neutral leveraging their nursery rug and then white/bright with their quilt.  We started with the rug and right on queue - neither twin wanted to sleep at the same time so we went with it!  one was bright eyed and even gave us a slight smile and the other after some soothing was out for the count.  As they weren't swaddled, we ensured we got the "twenty toes" pic for their announcement.  Tougher than it seems!  Awake newborns without swaddling are all about the kick!  Given they weren't both quieted down in this outfit we agreed we would move on and focus on the together poses swaddled with the white quilt.

The white wraps and animal themed quilt proved to be a great decision - the swaddling definitely helped sooth them.  Sleepy boy continued to sleep and awake boy tried really hard to keep those eyes open.  We got a couple shots with the two of them where it looks like he's whispering secrets into his brothers ear.

We found the basket was the only way they were truly happy.  The nestled in feeling settled both of them.  We took some of them both in the basket and then were able to get some sweet shots with their coordinating animal friends for their announcement.

I don't ordinarily recommend an abbreviated session like this for newborns, but if mom/dad can set priorities and be happy with about 5 similar poses and then everything else is icing on the cake, then I'm happy to oblige and make it work.  The outfit switch for these guys was an aggressive goal but we made it :).


I highly recommend my "Welcome to our Family" sessions which are meant to be an experience - first of all we relax, we keep things natural, and then we spend most of our time capturing YOU interacting with the newest member(s) of your family and then I also spend time with the baby ensuring we capture every precious little morsel.  Later when they're older and grown, these images will be a treasure and will bring you back to that moment when your little one entered the world.  They are best scheduled when the baby is between 5 and 14 days old, but if you missed that time window any time is always a great time to photograph babies!  I also help you with announcements and print/wall products. Contact me to learn more.


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