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Project 365: Perspectives

June 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Busy week of birthday celebrations, a broken arm (not me!), a nighttime photography class and photo shoots.  This week I tried to focus on perspectives in my normal every day life.  

Sunday - Happy birthday to my daughter!  went in at an angle here to create interest and catch the pretty light from the candles on her face.

Monday - It was a very long day including trying to put this new loft bed together.  She was hanging out there for the first time, she is looking pretty tired herself :).  This makes it seem as if we're peeking in on her.

Tuesday - Rainy day, not much inspiration but then our female airedale was caught in the act going after my garden.   I'm shooting this from the base of the steps up to a little porch area which creates more interest.

Wednesday - I don't have a macro lens but it's on my very long list :).  This is a garden bed which has lots of foxgloves, I love them so much and some years they really proliferate and others they don't.  

Thursday - This was the day of casting for my son's broken arm.  I was ready to take a long wide-angled photo of him with his cast watching TV and our younger airedale laid down in between - photo bomb!  But it's cute and it works!

Friday - Wonderful time at a nighttime photography class in Newburyport.  I was able to practice some long exposure photography.

Saturday - Photo shoots in Public Garden and since we were there early, I was able to grab this shot without people.  Love the mix of the old with the new here.

Have a great week!


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