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Project 365: Catchup week

July 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

End of school and a trip back to PA to visit family and friends got the better of me so this blog is going to cover 2 weeks.

First up is the week of June 21st which kicked off with Father's Day.

  • Sunday - Father's Day we went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and then treated Dad to some bbq at Redbones in Somerville - yummy!
  • Monday - I finally invested in some bird feeders and have been having lots of fun with it.  We now regularly get lots of different types!  
  • Tuesday - This little chippy comes to visit every day too now.  Thought it was so cute how he was scaling the pole to the feeder.
  • Wednesday - Strawberry picking!
  • Thursday - My daughter opted for a low keep outing to a fun center for her birthday this year.  This is the group of girls helping her blow out her candle in her ice cream cone.
  • Friday - Love my zinnias!
  • Saturday - Travelled to PA, very very rainy down there.  I did get to the grocery store to pick up some PA favorites - scrapple, Utz chips and pretzels, Taylor pork role, ring bologna and best of all, tickets to Hershey Park!

Page down below the photos for this past week's postings!

This week started in PA and ended back at home.  

  • Sunday: I was so lucky to have 3 mini-sessions with friends from high school while home.  We did them at Lehigh University.  This is the chapel on campus, where my husband and I were also married.
  • Monday: Fireflies/lightning bugs by the dozens!  My kids have never seen them and they were out in high numbers.  We just don't seem to get them up here.
  • Tuesday: Travel home day.  I had the crazy idea to walk across the George Washington Bridge which goes from NJ to NYC over the Hudson.  There were lots of people walking, jogging, biking but we got about 1/3 across and the wind was so strong that we backed out, the kids were too scared.  But I did get this photo of the view.
  • Wednesday: Halfway day!  My friends and I have been in this journey for half the year so far!  So I did half a portrait of my son :).
  • Thursday: Performance day for my daughter, performing for my husband and I.  Baby steps for her to get to a full scale one.
  • Friday: We finally got to see the sky sculpture at the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston.  It was pretty cool!

Have a great week!


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