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Project 52: March Images | Andover Photographer

April 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I find this "project 52" much more difficult - I'm following the weekly prompts and it's much harder for me to stay inside that box.  Not necessarily because of the being forced to be creative to achieve the prompt, but all week long I wonder if another idea will pop up and often I end up being behind.  I'm so proud for wrapping up the past 5 weeks only one day late :).  I did end up taking these very much backwards as the opportunity arose.

Week 9 - Self Portrait - It's a bit ironic but I don't like being in pictures!  This week pushed me to get in the frame.  I had a lot of fun with this one.  My daughter and I went to this favorite spot in a nearby mill town.  She posed, I applied the settings as I wished, then we switched spots and she clicked for me.  Took a few dozen to get a sharp enough image but I think we made a pretty good team!

Week 10 - Rule of Thirds - A few thirds in this image : the horizon, her left foot which is the focal point, her shadow which is also a leading line to her.

Week 11 - Green - This was the hard one.  Green was a prompt for St. Patrick's Day week but I just wasn't finding any inspiration.  This artichoke was part of our Easter dinner.

Week 12 - Favorite - A few favorites here... my favorite girl, in one of my favorite places to photograph, with one of my favorite photography techniques, the silhouette. 

Week 13 - Your Choice - Loved how this old ship hull framed the church, street light and buildings in Salem, MA.


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