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The Girl with the Infectious Smile | Andover Photographer

May 31, 2016  •  1 Comment

Anyone who knows this child knows she smiles... a lot.  And when you see her smile, you cannot help but smile also.  I wanted to start off with some basic portraits that would showcase her beautiful red locks and freckles with that smile and then we roamed around looking for something different to do.

I mentioned that I wished I brought some flowers and she said she knew where she could find some.  I'm so glad she did!  We did try to be serious, but that lasted only a few moments.  She had said her mom wanted her to try to be serious too ;).  

After the serious part, we got back to some fun.  Her dress was perfect for twirling.

Want to schedule your own spring "Just the Kids" session?  They meant are to capture your children in a way that everyone be relaxed and have some fun - that's how we capture the best moments!  Through our initial consultation we'll discuss your child/children favorite interests and design the session around that or we use that information to keep the session lots of fun.  Locations can be a stream, the beach, a garden property, hiking trails or even your own house or backyard - and if you don't have any ideas, I have plenty we can choose from!  We can do a relaxed, informal session or plan around activity like kite flying, fishing, playing with parachutes, bubbles or balloons, the possibilities are endless.  And then our session isn't only fun, it's also a memory.  If you' are interested in portraits, we'll do some of those too.  Contact me to learn more.


Stephanie is a wonderful professional. She captured the smiles and the serenity with love and care. She really loves what she does.
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