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Project 52: Catching Up with May and June's Images | Andover Photographer

July 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

May and June were busy - blissfully busy as the start of warmer weather and the end of school season always is.  And I was snapping away with my Project 266 (photo a day) and my Project 52.  Follow my project 366 here on instagram.

So this is a quick "catching up" post - I hope you enjoy my photos of the week as much as I enjoyed creating them!  I may have mentioned this before - I find this one much more challenging than the photo a day.  Following a prompt with busy days that turn into busy weeks makes it hard for me to have the time to think creatively and express the prompt the way I want or more often WHERE I want... there are only so many hours in a day :).  

Week 18: "Favorite Time of the Day" My favorite time of the day is sunset, I love to capture the beauty whereever I may be, I love to play with silhouettes.  Can do the same thing at sunrise but having to get up at 4:30am in the morning isn't happening these days :).

Week 19: "Mom" Same evening trip as week 18's photo... We decided to take a drive out to Rockport, MA which is well known for it's "Motif #1", a red fisherman's shack you see in the background.  We were exploring separately, me with my daughter, my husband with my son, and my daughter found this old rowboat overlooking the scene.  She was a month away from turning 11, so definitely on the edge of becoming a tween, and she sat in that boat while I was taking photos of Motif #1 and then asked if I'd hop in - that she was embarking for a pirate's island.  And in that moment I was so proud to be her mom and thrilled that she still has that imaginative play in her.

Week 20: "Up" We found ourselves at a really cool playground along the Charles River in Boston.  My kids were climbing, so I laid down on my back on the ground and shot straight up.

Week 21: "Relax" My 13yo doesn't allow me to take his photo much any more, but a toad crossed our path while playing badminton together.  He caught him and then he "relax"ed with the toad on his racket for a while.

Week 22: "Summer" Nothing says "summer" in New England much more than lobstah!  Our airedale wanted in on the action!

Week 23: "Fun" Fun for me this week was pausing for 15 minutes after an evening session at a local garden to photography the pretty roses.

Week 24: "Dad" We spent our Father's day at the Harvard Art Museum and then at a favorite bbq spot in Somerville, MA.  

Week 25: "Hot" Nothing much better than hanging out at a gorgeous park in VT at the end of a scorching day with the beautiful warm evening light watching your kids explore... in this case, my daughter on the swings.



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