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Photographing Winter | Stephanie Clement Photography | Andover MA

January 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Winter is my favorite season next to fall and for photography buffs (phone or DSLR, you know who you are!) it doesn't have to mean you have to take a break until spring.  It does mean you have to get creative some times though!  Like this morning, while it would have been lovely to get out there for a walk, the 8 degree temps definitely had me cozied up inside with my sweater and a hot cup of coffee.   I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite ways to satisfy that photography craving over these next winter months.  

And local folks... stay tuned... Assuming we don't stay with these sub 20 degree temps, I'm going to offer a free/no cost to you photo meet up locally for us to get out there, get some fresh air, share some photography tips and have some fun (kids and your/their point&shoot/phone/instant cameras will be welcome!).

#1 - play in the snow

This is the easiest one with all the snow we get in New England!  Last year was a bit of fluke for us and I'm already looking out the window at a blanket of white.  Although I hope my kids want to make snowmen and snow forts with me forever, with them in their tween/teen years, I know that time is coming to an end soon.  Document that!  And don't ask them to pose all the time - capture them being them.  Bright hats, scarves, mittens look so pretty against the blanket of white.  And don't forget your furry friends!  

photography, snow, audubon, airedale, portraitPlay outside!Photography fun in the snow!

#2 - take a walk

It's so easy to stay indoors but get out there!  Not only is it a way to get exercise but it will clear out those stuffy noses in a jiffy :).  Keep your eyes open for the beauty of your environment - wider scenes, the beauty of nature.

andover, nature, phillips academy, photographyTake a walk!Get some fresh air and take your camera!

#3 - go on a fieldtrip

Take advantage of what's around you.  My family loves to head into Boston and there is so much to offer.  We love the museums but my kids also love to take the elevator up to the top of the Prudential building - it's an awesome view and you can see everything from the river/MIT to the airport to Fenway and more!  There some fun interactive exhibits up there too.  My kids love the citizenship quiz game.  While you're experiencing these great things, don't ask your kids to pose, pretend you're a documentarian and just snap them exploring.  I love to look for reflections so I can hop in the picture too.  Or go on a factory tour - Taza in Somerville is a fun one!

photography, fieldtrip, prudential center, mfa, ica, tazaFieldtrip!Enjoy what your city has to offer!

#4 - play with flowers

Flowers can always brighten up our days - pamper yourself and buy some flowers next time you're at the store and have some fun with them!

flowers, photography, airedale, dog, iris, tulipPlay with flowers!Buy yourself some flowers and get creative!

#5 - get creative indoors

Document your time indoors!  I find this to be the easiest as the kids don't always need to know you're taking their picture!  Document your cooking and don't forget to get into the frame sometimes yourself!

indoor photography, new perspective, food photography, crafts, foodGet creative inside!Look at your every day and capture those moments!

#6 - take advantage of those small snippets of (relatively!) warm weather

Lastly, sometimes we luck out with warm weather!  Last year we had very warm (60's) days in January and we took advantage and went to the beach!  If your kids are like mine, they don't mind the cold ocean temps and will get their feet wet and if they do mind, just play in the sand, walk the beach looking for treasures and enjoy that warmth.

plum island, newburyport, beach, photography, winterTake advantage of the warmth!Get outside in the winter and take advantage of the warmth!

Stephanie Clement is a natural light family photography serving the Andovers and surrounding areas.


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